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My performance practice includes both working solo and in collaboration. Using autobiographical material and borrowing other people's stories, in my work I examine how to keep in touch, how to pretend (and fail) to be someone else, and how to understand where we're coming from. I'm interested in highlighting the minutiae of everyday life, I am curious about people's possessions, stories and their lies, and I like to listen rather than talk. You can see remains of my performance work on the right. 

How to...

St. Pauls, Austerity Walk

The Things We Carry

Remembering Her

Where Have You Gone?

The One and Only: The Beautiful Pain

While the Water Flows Between Us


Performer in Of All the People in All the World by Stan’s Cafe (Mayfest, May 2009, Bristol)

Performer in My World Is Empty without You by Duncan Speakman (Mayfest, May 2008, Bristol)

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